Creative Code and Animation for the Olympic Ceremonies

Creative Code and Animation for the Olympic Ceremonies

As part of the team at CrystalCG, led by art Director Kate Dawkins I had the fantastic opportunity to create content for the audience pixel display.

As well as conventional 3D animation I built audio and video-reactive creative code systems to make animation used on the pixels.

I am responsible for parts of the content in this video, more specifics to follow.
Note in in particular: the first 40 seconds, in which type and imagery was manipulated by the audio waveforms and a midi control surface.



Production Company – Crystal CG International
Client – LOCOG
Creative Lead & Art Direction – Kate Dawkins
Head of Production – Ed Cookson
Senior Producer Opening – Liberty Dakin
Senior Producer Closing – Tom Lowndes
Senior Technical Producer – Andrew McKinna
Production Assistants – Giles Maunsell and
Zsuzsanna Voros

Animation Team Opening – Al Lidell, Nicol Scott, Neil Evan, Andrew Gooch, Joe Winston, Liam Corner, Daniel Balzer, Richard Thompson, Jamie Shiels and Robert Grieves.

Animation Team Closing – Pete Mellor, Martin Stacey, Neil Evan, Giedre Domzaite, Catherine Woodhouse, Mark Lindner, Chris Ratcliffe and Jamie Shiels.

Technical and Design Assistance – Henry Flitton
© Crystal CG International

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